Departmental Computing Initiative (DCI)

Arts and Sciences Computing Services provides computers to eligible full-time faculty and staff member on a 4-year replacement cycle.  Both Windows and Apple desktop and laptop computers are selected to meet the standard academic/administrative computing needs.

These computer offerings can be enhanced (larger screen, hard drive, faster processor, more RAM, etc) by:

  • Supplemental funding by the department or individual research funds, or

  • Demonstrated academic need for additional central funding as approved by the Associate Dean

Features of the Program#section-1

  • Each computer is covered by 4-years of warranty.
  • Laptops have 4-years of “accidental damage” coverage, but batteries are limited to 1 year warranty.
  • A “DCI” service tag with Serial Number and warranty expiration date will be affixed to the outside of each computer.
  • Each computer will be delivered pre-registered to work on the UVa network and will have standard software installed.  Additional licensed departmental software will be installed as appropriate.
  • Laptop hard drives will be encrypted to help protect against potential data loss due to theft or equipment loss.
  • Each recipient is expected to work with their IT Professional to implement an approved data backup plan.
  • All DCI computers belong to Arts and Sciences and must be returned when out-of-service or when the assigned employee leaves his/her position.
  • Each recipient is expected to keep the computer and data secure and to follow the University policies on usage, access, backups, data storage (including the requirements for storing highly sensitive data) and regular maintenance of virus protection and scans for sensitive data.

Configuration Table

The configurations in the grid above are the offerings for the DCI program; add-ons to the items listed above usually require additional funding from departmental/research accounts.  Contact your departmental LSP for advice on what will work best for you.  The Cavalier Computer website has information about additional options, (but it is not always current with the latest pricing).  

For more information on the Cavalier Computer offerings and possible add-ons: