IT Support and Computing Services

This group manages computer support, programming, and database services within Arts & Sciences, including the UVA Departmental Computing Initiative (DCI), and provides guidance and assistance on encryption best practices, digital signage usage, and computer purchase guidelines. 

Computing Support Contacts:

Johann Reinicke, Director of Data Analytics & IT Support

Tim Wilkinson, IT Supervisor

American Sign Language, Asia Institute, East Asian LL&C, French, German, Language Lab, Middle Eastern and South Asian L&C, Slavic, Spanish-Italian-Portuguese
Phillip Barr
(434) 924-6745

Anthropology, Art, Blandy Farm, Drama, Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture, Madison Papers, Washington Papers
Jeff Wimer, Information Technology Specialist
(434) 924-7050

Peter Nyssen, Computer Engineer
(434) 924-7470

Biology, Mountain Lake Biological Station
Raymond Lam, Computer Engineer
(434) 243-5203

Jarrad Reiner, Computer Engineer and Compliance Coordinator
(434) 924-3077

Classics, Media Studies, Philosophy, Sociology, Women and Gender Studies
Steve Snider, Information Technology Specialist
(434) 243-8766

Dean’s Office, Music, IHGC, American Studies, Global Studies, Research Admin, Graduate School, Learning Design & Technology
Tim Wilkinson, IT Supervisor
(434) 924-6744

Democracy Initiative, History, Politics, Religious Studies
Tim Dunne, Computer Systems Engineer
(434) 924-4633

Economics and Undergraduate Operations
Ken Tyburski, Computer Engineer

English, Math, Statistics, Woodson Institute
Vincent Bayes, Information Technology Specialist
(434) 924-6887

Environmental Sciences
William Tomanek, Computer Systems Engineer
(434) 924-7732

Michael Beverage, Computer Engineer
(434) 924-0851

Bryan Wright, Information Technology Manager
(434) 924-7218

Tom Martin, Computer Engineer
(434) 924-7056