Committee on Educational Policy and the Curriculum (CEPC)

Meeting Schedule Fall 2024

Tuesday, September 24—New Cabell Hall 236, 3:30-5:00 p.m.
(deadline for submission: Thursday, September 12)

Monday, November 11—New Cabell Hall 236, 3:30-5:00 p.m.
(deadline for submission: Thursday, October 31)

CEPC Members (2024-2025)

This committee deals with broad policies affecting undergraduate education and such specific matters as course changes, new courses, new major programs, degree requirements, and rules governing the academic status of students. For more information, see the Handbook for the Creation and Management of Courses in Arts & Sciences on the University Registrar website.

Jim La Fleur, Faculty Chair, History (3rd year)
Michelle Kisliuk, Music (6th year)
Elizabeth Hall, French (5th year)
Thomas Mark, Mathematics (4th year)
Sara Myers, Classics (4th year)
Doug Meyer, WGS (3rd year)
Simone Polilo, Sociology (3rd year)
Dima Pesin, Physics (2nd year)
Lauren Simkins, Environmental Sciences (2nd year)
Keith Kozminski, Biology (2nd year)
Pete Furia, Politics/Global Studies (1st year)
John Thomas Casteen, English (1st year)
Tomoko Marshall, EALLC (1 year sabbatical replacement)
Mark Hadley, Administrative Chair, Religious Studies (without term)

Administrative Support

David Leblang, Associate Dean for the Undergraduate Experience
Mark Hadley, Administrative Chair
Judy Updike, College Registrar
Laura Hawthorne, University Registrar
Sarah Kucenas, Steering Committee
Cheryl Carroll, Manager of Academic Compliance
Dudley Doane, SUMS/J-Term/ISO
Alena Herklotz, Institutional Research
Justin Grant, UREG
Jasmine Cousins, UREG
Tina Kirkaldy, UREG
Kelly Robeson, UREG



Mark Hadley, Ph.D.

Administrative Chair
(434) 924-8873

Judy Updike

College Registrar
(434) 924-8867