Committee on Graduate Educational Policy & Curriculum

6 Members (2023-2024)

This committee deals with broad policies affecting graduate educational policy and the graduate curriculum, and with such specific matters as course changes, new courses, new programs, degree requirements, changes to any programs that lead to a graduate degree or certificate, and rules governing the academic status of graduate students.  To these ends it shall receive and transmit to the Faculty, with the Committee’s recommendations, proposals from departments, the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and other sources.  The Committee may also advance proposals of its own. 


Michael Puri, Music (expiring 2024) - CHAIR

Barry Condron, Biology (2024)

Marilyne Stains, Biology (2025)

William Hitchcock, History (2025)

Samhita Sunya, Middle Eastern and South Asian Languages and Cultures (2026)

Nichole Flores, Religious Studies (2026)