Budget & Development Committee

6 Members (2023-24)

The Committee on Budget and Development (six elected members) shall advise the Dean on budget and resource allocation policies affecting curriculum, instruction, research and staffing within Arts and Sciences, and on goals and strategies of development efforts. The Associate Dean for Administration and Planning and the Associate Dean for Development shall be ex officio but non-voting members of the Committee on Budget and Development. The Dean shall meet with the Committee as either deems necessary.


Mark Thomas, History (expiring 2024) – CHAIR (fall 2023)

Tracy Larson, Biology (2024) – CHAIR (spring 2024)

Rebecca Pompano, Chemistry (2025)

Angeline Lillard, Psychology (2025)

Katya Makarova, Sociology (2026)

Ira Bashkow, Anthropology (2026)